Teachers will discuss the effects of pornography on students at the conference Education

Teachers will discuss the “inhumane” effects of pornography on students at a national conference this week.

Teachers attending a National Education Union (NEU) event in Bournemouth are expected to raise concerns about the “prevalence of pornography that shows harmful and degrading treatment of women.”

The conference will also explore whether current sex and relationship education adequately addresses issues of sexuality, sexuality and consent, or puts students at risk of being “criminalized” by watching porn.

A 2020 Brooke survey, Sexual Health and Wellness Charitable for Young People, found that young people believe that a lack of information from schools and parents puts them at risk, and that higher quality sex education will make them feel more empowered.

NEU is particularly concerned by the results of a 2021 offstead report which found that 90% of girls and 50% of boys reported sending clear pictures of themselves or their peers that they “don’t want to see” or “sometimes”.

The review was launched after thousands of publications were published on Everin’s Invited website about sexual harassment and sexual violence involving state and individual schools, as well as universities.

More than 51,000 testimonials have been shared on the site, naming hundreds of educational settings across the UK. The revelations made by students and pupils reveal a complete spectrum of offensive behavior in schools, ranging from low-level harassment to serious sexual harassment and rape.

At the conference, NEU will look at evidence that debates on pornography “mainly the violence against young women, such as suffocation and suffocation, as well as racist tropes, all of which dehumanize women”, as well as the increasing sexual nature. Social media.

Teachers are also prepared to discuss whether incidents of sexual harassment – both on and offline – should be consistently recorded by schools so that disturbing patterns can be identified and adult intervention is sought to protect students from increasing abuse.

The NEU Annual Conference (April 11 to April 14) will be attended by 1,600 delegates.

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