ICAI has given students the option to opt out of the exam

Image of Opt-Out Option for ICAI Students for July Exam  Education News Pictures

The CA exam controller, ICAI, said students were given opt-out options for the July exam and were allowed to carry their candidacy for the November exam. ICAI today issued an official notification in this regard.

“Those who have already submitted online application for the May 2020 exam cycle) will be allowed to opt-out and advance their candidature for the next exam i.e. November, 2020 exam cycle,” it said in a statement.

In this case, the test fee and discount (if any) will automatically proceed for the next test. Candidates wishing to opt out of the examination must submit a written declaration. Necessary arrangements will be made at the test center for those who will take part in the test.

“For the rest of the students who would choose not to opt out and participate in the exams starting from 29th July 2020, the institute is taking all necessary and necessary measures to ensure smooth conduct of the May 2020 exams (starting from 29th July, 2020). The Globe covers strict adherence to the system, including thermal scanning, hand sanitization, wearing a mask, always maintaining social distance, following government guidelines, etc. Chartered Accountant Examination, ”ICAI added.

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