70% of female teachers face abuse in UK schools, poll shows | Education

Teachers have expressed concern about the impact of the “Insell” subculture on teenage boys, as a survey found that seven out of 10 female teachers are victims of school bullying.

The NASUWT Teachers Union survey confirmed a significant culture of sexual harassment and bullying in the classroom, with about 60% of participants saying they felt abused by students.

The union, which has 300,000 UK members, said it was “deeply concerned” about the level of regular abuse by women, trans and non-binary members and students.

It also worries about the lack of government initiative to tackle the subculture of “involuntary celibacy” (“insel”), warning that teenage boys are being attracted to their point of view due to a lack of support from other, more appropriate, sources.

The term incense is used for men who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner and express online hostility and annoyance towards those who are sexually active, especially women. Discussions on such Internet forums are often hateful and deeply misogynistic.

According to a recent report, Jack Davison, who carried out a riot in Plymouth in 2021 that killed seven people, killed five, has been enthroned by the online Insel community, and data shows that the number of visits to the forum has increased almost six out of nine. Months

Delegates attending NASUWT’s annual conference in Birmingham over the Easter weekend will debate the issue, with a survey of more than 1,500 female members found that 72% had been bullied at their school and more than half (53%) said their school was not doing enough to tackle the problem.

The motion for debate calls on the national executive to lobby the government for Miszini to be recognized as a hate crime. It further states that the Insell community should be considered an extremist group based on “alt-right” attitudes and links to hatred of women, and calls for further research into the impact of the Insell community on young school and college boys, which will be reported back to the conference next year. .

The proposal calls on the union to lobby for fully funded mental health and wellness programs aimed at boys, emphasizing the need for early intervention in mental health services.

Katherine Downs, a high school secondary school teacher in Leeds who proposed the motion, said: “A survey in October 2021 suggested that among the five ‘hops’ of a non-insole, there was a 6.3% chance of an insole-related video being suggested by YouTube. Was. Related videos. Considering the amount of time our young people spend on social media, 6.3% is too much. It clearly shows the dangers of failing to support and improve the mental well-being of boys in school. “

According to the NASUWT poll, abuse occurred across the school community – 58% from students, 45% from senior leadership team, 42% from other teachers, 30% from their head teacher and 27% from parents.

The majority of respondents complained of intimidation, abusive or professional behavior (76%), comments about power (51%), intelligence (33%), body (32%), teaching style (30%) and dress (29%). Where sexual and physical violence have been reported in 3% of cases.

One in 20 people said the abuse was posted on social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp and TickTock. Of the respondents who reported abuse at their school, 45% said no action was taken, and one in five teachers said they were not trusted or had their claim dismissed. Two in five said abuse affected promotional opportunities, and more than a quarter (27%) said it affected pay.

The survey participants provided a long list of examples of the types of abuse they faced. One says: “Children regularly make sexist comments about the role of women at home and at work. Children comment on feminism as a terrible thing and interpret it as male hatred or even a desire to kill men.

Another teacher wrote: “Students expose themselves during lessons, make sexual gestures, use sexual sounds during lessons to intimidate.”

Another contributor said: “Year 9 boys in class are asking if I used to have a breast implant. The students pressed my back into the corridor. “Another said:” When I was in teacher training, my mentor said he would ‘tie me up and rape me.’

Regarding the abuse from coworkers, one said: “Only male members of the WhatsApp group have been included in the staff. A member of the SLT commented that I was excited and several teachers agreed. “Another reported:” Senior leaders are dismissing and underestimating female teachers in front of male students. Male students are ignoring female teachers’ instructions. “

Dr Patrick Roach, general secretary of NASUWT, said: “It is shocking that so many female teachers are being subjected to such horrific abuse in their workplace. Our schools and colleges must be safe places for all staff and no woman should ever be harassed, intimidated or intimidated just by going to work. ”

An official spokesman said: “Under no circumstances should teachers be abused just for doing their job. Any reports of sexual violence or sexual harassment to school leadership groups should be taken seriously.

“Education workers should receive regular safety training to help identify and manage incidents of abuse and harassment among their students or staff.”

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